Photo from The Press and Journal

Street Pastors available to ‘everyone and anyone’

Volunteers from the Street Pastors offer support to those enjoying a night out in Aberdeen, from giving people a listening ear to making sure they get home safely.

They work closely with the police throughout the weekend to make sure everyone is enjoying a safe environment.

Steve Skinner, a team leader for Street Pastors said: “We do the same thing every week in terms of it’s just about being available to everyone and anyone.

“On nights when there’s more freshers in town we expect more interactions with younger folk who don’t know the city well, people who might have had a bit more than they’re used to drinking that sort of thing.

“Certainly last year, freshers was fairly busy and this was a very useful resource.”

The teams work to find out which halls students stay in to help them get home to safety.

They also have teams patrolling the streets as well as on board a vehicle based on Union Street, working between 10pm until 4am.

The team works closely with the police to get people home safely.

To read more about partnership working in Aberdeen betwteen Police Scotland, the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and other organisations during freshers, read the full article in the Press and Journal.