We are sad to report that Sandra, wife of Ascension Trust Scotland CEO Chris Jewell, has passed away after illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Chris would like you to know that you are invited to take part in the funeral. This will be held at 1pm on Thursday 8 September at 33 West Stewart Street, Greenock, Scotland, PA15 1SH.

This will be live streamed for all who can’t attend: https://youtu.be/88ulMIMx3uw

Please remember Chris and his family in prayer. Chris has asked specifically that you would pray that the funeral will have a deep sense of God’s presence.

Sandra Jewell is very highly thought of… one example is the family business, a babywear shop in Greenock. The announcement of her passing brought over 1,400 responses and 573 individual comments on the shop’s page, saying things like ‘So sorry to hear this. What a lovely woman she was, so friendly and helpful. She’ll be missed by everyone. Thinking of you all ’.

Please access the livestream: https://youtu.be/88ulMIMx3uw