There is still time to book in for the Street Pastor Scotland conference, ‘Reaching out to where you are’. Let Bethany know if you have any dietary requirements, lunch is provided but I suggest you bring your own travel mug. Bethany Lunn;

Remember that on Sunday 08 October, or another suitable Sunday we invite you to take part in Street Pastor Sunday.

Street Pastor Sunday is about connecting with our sending churches, or churches which want to know more about Street Pastors.  It is an opportunity to encourage others to think about how they might give support.  Here are just some suggestions which can be used to suit your local context:

  • Be visible in SP uniform, perhaps do a local walk to church with fellow SPs
  • Be part of the welcome team – in uniform
  • Use a pop-up banner or current publicity material you have
  • Street Pastor Sunday mini talk…. part/all of the service
  • Testimony around why you became and remain a SP
  • Prayer for SPs locally, nationally and internationally
  • Prepare prayer points which can be taken home or used on other occasions
  • Celebrate 20 years of SPs in the UK with thanks, and perhaps tea/coffee and cake.
  • Share bible passages which reflect listening, caring and helping and what they mean to you.
  • Fun quiz – eg what is in the SP bag … and why it is there.
  • Join the family leaflet – printed and personalised copies available from ATS
  • Create a display board of recent SP photos and prayer suggestions (be aware of photo permissions, anonymity of anyone being helped)
  • Article for your notices, magazine (one off or regular)

Perhaps SPs may consider becoming Street Pastor Champions?  In that role, they would continue to update and encourage interest in local churches.  (Information from ATS)

Blessings for Street Pastor Sunday

From Chris, Bethany and Linda